La Medusa - Yinsen

La Medusa

La Medusa

Identity and editorial

Theater company emphasizes in his works by the use of provocative contemporary texts. Editorial design for the theatre show Cindres.

Select K – Graphic design from Spain, Indexbook, Barcelona, Spain, 2011
Bianuario 2009-2010, ADCV –  Designers Association from Valencia, Spain, 2011
Perspectives 128, Spanish graphic design 2005-2012, Estación Diseño, Granada, Spain, 2014
Perspectives 128, Spanish graphic design 2005-2012, Casa de Cultura Marqués González de Quirós, Gandia, Spain, 2013
Year: 2010
Client: La Medusa
Creative & Art direction: Yinsen
Graphic design: Yinsen
Photography: Lorena Sayavera

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