We are a creative team developing projects of art direction, branding, naming, identity, graphic design, print design, editorial design, communication and web design. In parallel we have worked in performing arts, research and dissemination of design, creative workshops and curators.

We enjoy looking for the essence of each project to reflect on a powerful concept.


Laus Awards, FAD Barcelona 2019
Bronze – Corporate identity
Bronze – Poster
European Design Awards 2019
Bronze – Poster collection
Graphis 2019
Silver – Poster Annual 2020
ADCV Awards 2019
Gold – Corporate identity 
8 finalist projects
Graphis 2018
Gold – Branding Annual 2019
Gold – Poster Annual 2019
Silver – Design Annual 2019
European Design Awards 2018
Gold – Company logo
Bronze – Poster
ADCV Awards 2017
Silver – Poster
10 finalist projects
European Design Awards 2016
Finalist selection – Brand logo 
European Design Awards 2015

Silver – Company logo
Finalist selection – Brand logo
Laus Awards, FAD Barcelona 2015
Bronze – Web
ADCV Awards 2015
Gold – Corporate identity
Silver – Poster
7 finalists projects
Anuaria National Awards 2014 
Selection for the Award for best corporate identity program
Selection for the Award for the best logotype for a product or service
Selection for the Award for best commercial advertising campaign
Selection for the Award for the best poster
Anuaria National Awards 2012
Silver – best book cover
Silver – best corporate identity program
Selection for the Award for best commercial advertising campaign

Keep in Touch: Contemporary Design for Invitations, Postcards, Stamps & Seals, Sandu Publishing, China, 2020
Novum Magazine 01.19, Stuttgart, Germany, 2019
ADG Laus Awards,
ADG-FAD Barcelona, Spain, 2019
Poster Annual 2020, 
Graphis Inc, New York, United States, 2019
ADCV Awards, Valencia, Spain, 2019 
Design Annual 2019, 
Graphis Inc, New York, United States, 2018 
Branding Annual 2019, 
Graphis Inc, New York, United States, 2018 
Poster Annual 2019,
Graphis Inc, New York, United States, 2018
ADCV Awards, Valencia, Spain, 2017
Color Codes – Branding & Identity
, Sandu Publishing, China, 2016
ADG Laus Awards, ADG-FAD Barcelona, Spain, 2015
Chois Gallery magazine, Vol 32, Shanghai, China, 2015
Basic Identity 2, Indexbook, Barcelona, Spain, 2014
Logograma, Sandu Publishing, China, 2014
Logobook, Indexbook, Barcelona, Spain, 2012
Selected C – Graphic design from Europe, Indexbook, Barcelona, Spain, 2012
Select K – Graphic design from Spain, Indexbook, Barcelona, Spain, 2012

Lectures & workshops
Speakers, Escola Illa d’art i Disseny, Sabadell, Spain, 2019
Speakers, Festival Serifalaris, Muxikebarri, Centro de Arte, Cultura y Congresos de Getxo, Bilbao, Spain, 2019
Speakers, Blanc Festival, Madrid, Spain, 2019
Speakers, Ladies Wine & Design, El Convent, Valencia, Spain, 2018
Teachers, Workshop Escola Illa, Brunyola, Spain, 2018
Speakers, CEU Design Works, Valencia, Spain, 2018
Speakers, VLANC festival, Valencia, Spain, 2016
Speakers, Pecha Kucha Night Vol. 10, Castellón, Spain, 2015
Curators, Behance Reviews Vol. 9, Castellón, Spain, 2015
Speakers, Creactiva, EASD Castellón, Spain, 2015
Speakers, Pecha Kucha Night Vol. 18, Valencia, Spain, 2014
Mentoring, Reset Weekend, Castellón, Spain, 2014
Speakers, Behance Reviews Vol. 8, Castellón, Spain, 2014
Speakers, TDF Festival, Pecha Kucha Night Vol. 9, TEA – Tenerife Art space, Spain, 2013
Curators, Escola Muuu Vol. 8, Vila-real, Spain, 2013
Speakers, Mad in Spain – MAD express, Madrid, Spain, 2012

El milor disseny gràfic i communicació visual de l’any, Museu del Disseny de Barcelona, Spain, 2019
Creadors valencians pels drets humans, 70 anys de la declaració universal, Centre Cultural La Nau, Valencia, Spain, 2018
Vis a Vis, el disseny visita l’art, MACVAC, Villafamés, Castellón, Spain, 2018 
Diseño al plato, Auditori Teulada Moraira, Alicante, Spain, 2018
Tres décadas de diseño
, ADCV 30 Anniversary. Las Naves, Valencia, Spain, 2015
Design sul piatto, Instituto Cervantes, Milán, Italy, 2015
Diseño al plato, Centre Cultural La Nau, Valencia, Spain, 2015
Perspectives 128, Spanish graphic design 2005-2012, Estación Diseño, Granada, Spain, 2014
Perspectives 128, Spanish graphic design 2005-2012, Casa de Cultura Marqués González de Quirós, Gandia, Spain, 2013

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