28é FitCarrer Vila-real

28é FitCarrer Vila-real

Creative concept and graphic design

Poster and graphic applications for the 28 FitCarrer Vila-real, (The International Street Theatre Festival of Vila-real), is a festival that not only offers free performances by the city, it has also professional conferences, co-productions with companies and has become a meeting of international professionals since 1988.
A set of hands combined with gears and ropes represents this great machine of theatrical creation. To generate the identity, we have worked with a deformed typography scanner and a color gradient used in all the applications.

Year: 2015
Client: Festival Internacional de Teatre de Carrer de Vila-real
Creative & Art direction: Yinsen
Graphic design: Yinsen
Hand model: Telmo Tejedo
Hands photography: Lorena Sayavera
Street photography: 
La Mary Posa

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