A tempo dansa

A tempo dansa

Logotype, identity and web design

Contemporany dance-theatre company. It is a dynamic logo that fits perfectly with the innovate nature of the work of the company.

Basic Identity 2, Indexbook, Barcelona, Spain, 2014
Logograma, Sandu Publishing, China, 2014
Logobook, Indexbook, Barcelona, Spain, 2012
Selected C – Graphic design from Europe, Indexbook, Barcelona, Spain, 2011
Select K – Graphic design from Spain, Indexbook, Barcelona, Spain, 2011
Bianuario 2009-2010, ADCV –  Designers Association from Valencia, Spain, 2011
Perspectives 128, Spanish graphic design 2005-2012, Estación Diseño, Granada, Spain, 2014
Perspectives 128, Spanish graphic design 2005-2012, Casa de Cultura Marqués González de Quirós, Gandia, Spain, 2013
Year: 2009
Client: A tempo dansa
Creative & Art direction: Yinsen
Graphic design: Yinsen
Poster photography: Nerea Coll

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