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Centenary of the Víctor Espinós Music Library


The Víctor Espinós Music Library was the first library in Europe with public lending services for instruments, rehearsal rooms and a large collection of sheet music, documentation and historical instruments. A logotype was requested to commemorate its centenary to create a graphic identity for all events planned for its celebration. Inspired by the graphic language of contemporary and historical sheet music, we create a pattern of geometric shapes combined to generate a variety of numbers 100 with their own typography. It represents in a unique and memorable way an easily identifiable brand related to music. Its variations of the logo give it rhythm and musicality. Static and animated social networks pieces, outdoor advertising, banners, brochures, a catalogue for the exhibition and signage for it, were produced.

Year: 2019
Client: Ayuntamiento de Madrid
Creative & graphic design: Yinsen

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