Clap’s Sound

Clap’s Sound

Logotype, visual identity and web

Clap’s Sound It is a young company with innovative vision. It’s devoted to distribution production and training in classical music. Production, distribution and professional training are the concepts represented by the geometric shapes that move on the pentagram of the black & white identity. Movement and rhythm are represented by the different compositions varieties, generating the personality of the identity. We create an identity pattern used on the promotional applications as the wine labels, notebooks and paper patterns. It’s a project with conceptual quality, minimalist essence, freshness in the applications and love for details.

European Design Awards 2015
Finalist selection – brand logo category
ADCV Awards 2015
Finalist selection – logo category
Finalist selection – identity category
Muster Magazine nº 01
Book ADCV Awards 2015
Year: 2014
Client: Clap’s Sound
Creative & Art direction: Yinsen
Graphic design: Yinsen
Photography: Lorena Sayavera
Cards photography: Fernando Gimeno
Video music: Araceli Batalla

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