Memorial Democràtic de Vila-real

Memorial Democràtic de Vila-real

Identity and graphic campaign

Memorial Democràtic is a project for the recovery, remembrance and promotion of democratic memory in Vila-real, in particular the Second Republic, the Civil War and the victims on ideological grounds by the Franco dictatorship.

The logotype represent the concept of memory with a footprint illustration, which makes us remember the victims and the loss of their identity. Purple is identified with The Republic and the printing in black and white with colored paper remember the documents of the time. Every year we think a new concept for the photography and a new color of the paper. Till now we work with the titles: Women and repression in the years of the victory, 2015; The Civil War in the Vila, 2016; The exile and the refugees, reception during the war, 2017; Culture and Education, the food of the soul in The Republic, 2018; and Memory spaces and traces of silence in the Vila, 2019.

Years: 2015-2019
Client: Ayuntamiento de Vila-real
Creative & Art direction: Yinsen
Graphic design: Yinsen
Posters photography: Lorena Sayavera
Scenes photography: Juan Vicent

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